Build Social Security with our employee saving plans

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How ThriftPlan works

Contribution from Salary

Directly contribute a portion of your employees salary to the Savings plan.

Manage your plan

You can break down your contribution over a period of time through vesting scheduals. Customizable through our portal in order to achieve your specific objective.

Employer matches Contribution

Decide how much contibution to match, based on your objectives.

Grow your savings

Let your employees manage their own funds, whether they are high risk takers or like to play it safe, we have the right investment option for them.

Together toward vision 2030

Be part of our journey to transform social security in MENA

Simulate your savings through our return calculator

Benefits to employers

Reduce HR cost

An avarege employer saves SAR 200 per month in employee retention.

Improve motivation

54% of employees are distracted by financial distress or money worries.

Become employer of choice

85% of employers are facing talent shortage.

Build towards your future, at the tip of your finger


After scheduling a demo with us, we will send you a corporate registration form which will be used for KYC and set up. Our account specialists will set up your account and make the master account available to you. Once that has been activated, you will have a dedicated account with our cash custodian and be ready to enrol your employees and make contributions.
Thriftplan is a solution for employment benefits, we are always looking to expand our network and are working hard to be able to enrol you. Feel free to contact us here with your company name and a contact person for your HR department and we will try to make it possible.
Thriftplan is a private Social Security solution, we do not work with GOSI and contributions to our plan does not relieve the company of any obligations to GOSI, instead we compliment it and try to take the financial burden of employees.
Any employee that is enrolled by the employer can benefit, Thriftplan does not have any restriction against any nationality, gender, religion, or other socio demographic groups.
We use end to end encryption from each console and two-point verification for any access point. All data is stored on secure servers and protected by state of the industry cyber security protocols.
Thriftplan charges a subscription fee based on the employees enrolled. Please contact our sales team for further information as to individual subscription fees. The Plan is a lot more affordable for companies as meets the eye; please feel free to check out our Cost Calculator to get and estimate based on your company size.